The US Army Starting Pay and Benefits

The U.S Army is by far, one of the most interesting, challenging and most incredible career choices that you can make today. The things you will see, the challenges you will face and overcome are second to none when it comes to careers and because of this, the U.S Army compensates you very fairly; they make sure that you are taken care of.

If you are an active duty soldier or an activated army reserve soldiers you earn earn what is called army basic pay. Army basic pay is the base salary you earn as a soldier on active duty (not including benefits) and it counts only as part of your total income. Your pay as a soldier depends on a variety of factors, but mostly on how long you’ve been with the Army (in any position) and your Army rank, which is Private E1 for most new recruits. As you climb in rank and years of experience your pay will increase accordingly. So what could this starting salary be? Well for under two years of experience, coming in as a Private E1 you’re looking at approximately $18,378 and can go up to a Staff Sergeant at $28,569 and potentially an enlistment bonus that varies widely. As a first year Officer the pay ranges from approximately $34,862 to $52,869. But the pay is only a part of it!

The benefits included in the salary are also fairly comprehensive; each active duty service member receives a benefits package that covers quite a few things and has an estimated total value of up to $99,000 (salary included). 60 percent of this package is made up of the non-cash portion and that includes child-care and free or subsidized food when on active duty, housing tax breaks, free housing, education and more. Not to mention you get an incredible 30 days of fully paid vacation every year right from the get-go, Tricare medical insurance as long as you’re with the Army, affordable life insurance (starting at $29 a month) and federal tax breaks.

These starting benefits and salaries are taken straight from the U.S Army source material and are up to date as of the most current figures (2014) available to us today. The benefits start off with a greay package that only increases and with a huge host of benefits and modest salary that keeps climbing with experience, the U.S Army is an incredible place to build a career.